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Minnesota BBQ Co

About us

Kale Thome and Travail Collective are proud to introduce Minnesota Barbecue Company. Located at 816 Lowry Avenue in Northeast Minneapolis, this take-out craft barbecue restaurant is a collaboration between Thome, longtime chef de cuisine at Travail, and Travail co-founders Mike Brown, James Winberg, and Bob Gerken.

“I grew up in Wichita, Kansas, where barbecue is a way of life,” says Thome. “At this point in my career, I’m excited to go back to my roots and use the abundance of wonderful local products to bring my brand of Minnesota craft barbecue to the neighborhood.”

About our barbecue

Minnesota BBQ Co. focuses on making barbecue FRESH. Keep
on reading to learn about what barbecue means to us.

Hot off the smoker

We smoke every day and serve our barbecue as soon as it’s ready. The whole process can take up to 12 hours for something like brisket, or 1-2 hours for our more quick-fire items like sausages and hot links. We stagger what goes into the smoker so that even if you don’t come right at open, we will still have fresh Q ready for you.

Grilled meat

Come on baby, light my fire

The fire lights up in our custom smoker at sunrise daily. Locally sourced oak develops a smooth smoke with an efficient burn time, creating longlasting, consistent heat throughout the day. While the smoker warms up, we prepare the meat. Fat is trimmed off brisket to ensure an even cook, ribs are seasoned with hard spices like juniper and clove for a moisture-sealing crust, and sausages are cased and cured in house.

Fire for the grill

A fine-tuned machine

Timing is everything. When the barbecue is ready, it’s ready. We cook until the correct internal temperature is reached, which sometimes might mean taking the meat off an hour early or leaving it on an hour longer. The meat is cooked at a low temperature for a long period, ensuring the proteins and fats break down and soak in that delicious smoky flavor. It’s a delicate balance, wielding fire to achieve that perfect Q.

Staff member preparing grilled meat

More on the way

Our menu changes often and is expanding! The sides especially take on the flavors of the season and reflect the chef’s latest favorites and inspirations. With our new staggered smoking schedule and quick-fire menu items, we’re able to offer more barbecue throughout the night and accommodate more hungry people like you!

Grilled sliced meat with beans

Q on the go-go

Minnesota BBQ Co. is a modest 800 sq. ft. take-out only restaurant. If you’re looking to enjoy your Q as soon as possible, we recommend heading a few doors down to Fair State Brewing. You can call ahead to place your order for pickup or delivery to Fair State, Twin Spirits Distillery, or Bauhaus Brew Labs. You may also order through Uber Eats for delivery to the Twin Cities.

Our barbecue is also now served in 100% compostable packaging, one of the many ways we are making your to-go meal just a little bit better every day.

Grilled meat, vegetables and bread on the side